From November 3-5, 2017, New York experienced its first USMTO East Championship and it was nothing short of spectacular!  Over 450 athletes registered to compete in the New York Championships and the USMTO set a New York State all-time record for the most sanctioned bouts in one day – 147!!!  The organizers have been in talks with several east coast cities who have expressed interest in hosting the 2018 USMTO East Championships and the selection process has begun.  Follow the USMTO closely for announcements about the 2018 East Championships.

The 2017 East Champions have since put New York behind them, and now their sights are set on Phoenix, Arizona, the city selected to host the 2018 USMTO West Championships!  The 2017 USMTO West Championships will take place from April 26-29, 2018 at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel and Ballroom in North Phoenix!

To provide athletes with more opportunities to compete in the 2018 USMTO West Championships, the competition days will expand from two to three.  The addition of the extra day will result in the addition of a second weigh-in, to be completed before the championship bouts. The 2018 USMTO West Championships is open to all amateur athletes from all corners of the globe and eligibility begins at age eight, and all 2017 USMTO East Champions will receive a complimentary registration to the 2018 USMTO West.  The 2018 USMTO West will feature a return of the Masters Division for athletes 40 years of age and older, and will continue to implement international experience classes (A: Open, B: Intermediate, and C: Novice).   All 2018 West champions will receive a custom designed, Thai-style championship belt!

All USMTO events are conform to the standards set forth by the IOC recognized, the largest and most influential Muay Thai Federation in the world.  All USMTO West competitors will become registered athletes of the United States Muay Thai Federation (USMF) and will enter its National Ranking Program.  The USMF is the Unites States’ official National Federation and ONLY USMF RANKED ATHLETES WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THE NATIONAL TEAM, so be sure to look out for the USMF logo whenever you compete in the United States.

The 2018 USMTO West will continue to feature real-time scoring and automated bracketing.  Real-time scoring takes the guesswork out of results, and now, athletes will be able to see where they stand at the end of each round.


The 2018 USMTO West Championships will be held in partnership with The Sheraton Crescent Hotel in North Phoenix – Booking is Now Available!  The Sheraton Crescent met UMSTO standards in terms of its facility, comfort, accommodations, and amenities, and we strongly urge all participants, coaches, and fans to stay at and recommend our partner hotel.  When athletes, coaches, and fans stay at the Sheraton Crescent it lowers the costs, which allows the USMTO to pass the savings to our athletes and coaches.

Registration fees for the 2018 USMTO West will rise steadily as the tournament draws closer, so take advantage of the lowest rates by registering today at usmuaythaiopen.com.