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November 1st-4th, 2018, Dutchess County, NY
Our second annual USMTO East will be held in November and we are excited to have already over 260 athletes registered! More Event Info
December 15th, 2018, Mesa, AZ
Our inaugural AZMTO will be held in December have already 360 interested athletes! More Event Info

About USMTO & Siam Fight Productions

The US Muay Thai Open® brand was founded in 2015 by Siam Fight Productions LLC. Siam Fight Productions is a promoter of combat sports in the Muay Thai market segment. This tournament series was developed for the mission of preparing American youth and future Muay Thai athletes for international competitions. “USMTO” has grown tremendously over the last 3 years, from one tournament per year with 143 athletes in 2015 to 3 planned regional events in 2019 with over 1260 athlete members registered for competition. An average of 450 athletes have competed at each tournament in the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 season with over 172 division champions emerging. Proof of concept was realized at the 2018 IFMA Youth World Championship in Bangkok, when the USA team was honored with the prestigious “Best Team” award for the first time in history.


We are the leading innovator in Muaythai event management and have played a large role in the development of groundbreaking technology to propel Muaythai events forward.


When you compete at our national events, we aim for you to see a noticeable difference in what we call the “athlete experience” – as we design our events with an athlete-first mentality. We provide top-quality uniform singlets, spare no expense on our Thai-Style belts, and give custom Muaythai shorts to division champions.


When you are competing in a division with 20+ athletes, safety is extremely important so that injuries are minimized. Using our rule set modeled after IFMA, we use chest protection and headgear for a true “olympic-level” caliber of competition.

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World-Class Athletes & Coaches

Siam Fight Productions seeks to unite the best Muay Thai athletes, coaches, and fans throughout the world at the annual U.S. Muay Thai Open ® (USMTO) East and West Championships.

The USMTO is open to amateur athletes worldwide and it’s goal is to prepare U.S. Muay Thai athletes for success in international competitions, to foster solidarity throughout the international Muay Thai community, and to propel Muay Thai towards recognition as a mainstream sport.

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Unparalleled Events Technology

We are the first and only organization to have helped develop and fully implement the leading Muaythai tournament technology. The new RSportz registration process makes signing up for coaches and athletes easier than ever. Coaches are able to create rosters and invite their athletes to their team, who can then sign up with their information filled in for them. In our effort to promote fair play and judging, our live scoring is able to be seen by everyone, and also creates detailed player statistics.


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10 Quick Tips for USMTO Coaches

10 Quick Tips for USMTO Coaches

1. Respect: Treat others how you want to be treated. Coaches should be respectful to other coaches, and teammates should respect other fighters and show good sportsmanship for Muay Thai. It is important for us to stay humble, respectful and polite when interacting...

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“A great & well run event! It is extremely difficult to manage a crowd of that size with that many variables, but the folks at USMTO and Siam did it very well. Weigh ins, medicals, etc. were done very quickly compared to other events. The brackets & bout orders were done the night before which gave our team enough time to plan logistics for the next day. Thanks to Thiago, Brandon, and the rest of the crew! Hope to see you all again next year!”

Emily Ann Nielsen, Revolution Muay Thai – Athlete

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