Athlete Medical Information & Forms

  • As of March 25, 2019, the State of Arizona required all athletes ages 16 and older to undergo a blood screening for: Hep B/C and HIV
  • The state will accept tests taken within 6 MONTHS OF WEIGH-IN AND FROM THE SAME CALENDAR YEAR (e.g. 2023 Test invalid in 2024.)
  • The Official Physical Form (view & download below) must be signed by a licensed medical doctor (MD or DO). “NMD” credentials will not be accepted.
  • Pregnancy tests are required for female athletes age 16 and older.  Pregnancy test strips will be supplied at weigh-in/check-in.
  • COVID INFO: To be consistent with the latest local guidance on Covid-19, the USMTO will recommend, but not require, participants to get tested, and to wear masks when not engaged in competition.
  • Bring all official forms with you to the WEIGH-IN/CHECK-IN!

Download, complete, and submit this medical form at the weigh-in.