Don’t be in a hurry to leave Phoenix. Instead, check out the awesome nightlife!

Make your stay in Phoenix more memorable by checking out some of the best nightlife in the desert.  Check out the clubs, bars, restaurants, and other great spots that are less than 30 minutes away from the hotel.

Hang out on in a mixed crowd of young partygoers and seasoned veterans on Mill Ave  in Tempe one of the biggest party destination in Arizona.  Spend an extra night at the Four Points and be sure to let them know you want to take advantage of your USMTO group rate. Have fun and tag us in your photos at #USMTO

You will be only a few hours away from one of the Earth’s most beautiful and awe inspiring natural landmarks, the Grand Canyon.  While there, you can explore some of the nearly 2,000 square miles of this breathtaking canyon.  Stay a few extra days and experience this amazing place.

If you plan to make the trip, be sure to tell the Four Points Hotel that you would like to keep you room at the USMTO group rate  ; )