If you are looking for excitement, but are unsure if you have what it takes to compete in the ring, look no further than the USMTO’s Novice Class.  The USMTO’s Novice Class is for athletes who have competed in 5 or less bouts and could use more ring experience.  Novice Class is the place where you can apply the skills you learned in a safe and fun way.   If you believe in yourself and train hard you just might walk away with the first-ever Novice Class Championship Belt which was designed exclusively by the USMTO.

Coaches: Are you constantly looking for matches for your less-experienced athletes?  Well, the 2016 USMTO’s Novice Class is your solution!   The Novice Class will reinforce the lessons you have taught in the gym and it will instill a sense of pride in your whole team.   The best teams are the most competitive teams.   Move your team to the next level by cornering them in the 2016 USMTO Novice Class.