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Novice Class = 0-5 Muay Thai or MMA matches & Open Class = 6+ <br /> NOTE: The USMTO may change the your Weight Division or Experience Class in order to meet the needs of the Tournament (Involuntary Transfer). You may request a Voluntary Transfer to a different Weight Division or Experience Class at no charge as long as the USMTO receives the request within 48 hours of their event registration.<br> IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE DROP DOWN PLEASE <a href="https://usmto.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/14000058832-why-can-t-i-select-a-weight-division-when-i-go-to-register-" target="_blank">CLICK THIS LINK</a><br>
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NOTE: The U.S. Muay Thai Open’s bracketing committee requires that all registrants update them with their latest match win/loss statistic. Registrants are solely responsible for reporting any changes to their win/loss records prior to the tournament. A participant may have to compete in a different weight division, or class in the event that there are significant changes to their records (“transfer”) prior to the tournament. The U.S. Muay Thai Open’s Bracketing Committee may transfer registrants at their discretion in order to meet the needs of the tournament. 
Muay Thai, Boxing, & MMA Only. Total Number Combined.
NOTE: You are responsible for updating your win/loss record in your profile. The USMTO may disqualify registrants who are dishonest about their level of experience. 
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