By the time the final bell sounded and the last of the 2015 champions hoisted their elegantly polished championship belt, it was clear that the USMTO was going to become a staple event for Muay Thai athletes and fans for years to come. Siam Fight Productions, continues to ride the momentum from 2015 USMTO as they now announce new and exciting enhancements for the second annual USMTO.

Unlike the inaugural tournament where participation was strictly limited to U.S. athletes, the 2016 USMTO will be open to Muay Thai athletes from around the world, thus elevating the level of competition to an already competitive tournament.  Athletes from Brazil, Canada, China, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Tunisia and others have already inquired about competing in the 2016 USMTO!2016 USMTO Main

The 2016 USMTO features USMTO Mobile, the custom mobile application that will inform athletes and coaches in real-time about USMTO news, brackets, results, photos and videos, and much more! The application is available now for Apple and Android devices. To learn more about the app click HERE.

Third, the USMTO will no longer require all participants to wear chest protectors. Instead, only Novice class athletes who are age 14 and under will be required to wear a chest protector.

novice-and-open-beltsLastly, the 2016 USMTO will replace the Novice class championship trophy with a custom Novice Class championship belt. In addition, all second, and third place athletes will still receive a custom medal. The 2016 USMTO will take place on April 22 through 24 from the Grand Ballroom at the Four Points Hotel in North Phoenix, Arizona.


Registration for the 2016 USMTO is from October 5th, 2015 through weigh-in day on April 22, 2016.  The competition will take place on April 23 through the 24th, 2016 at the Grand Ballroom of the Four Points Hotel in North Phoenix.  Good luck to athletes all over the world!

About us:

Siam Fight Productions seeks to unite the best fighters, coaches, and fans throughout the United States by hosting the U.S. Muay Thai Open. The U.S. Muay Thai Open’s  goal is to prepare U.S. Muay Thai athletes for dominance in international competitions, to show solidarity with the international Muay Thai community, and to propel Muay Thai towards mainstream recognition.
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